The Client Oriented approach and a comprehensive service of all systems installations, including single systems and complex multidisciplinary systems, allow Milani S.p.A. to provide the best solutions for every project.

With this approach Milani S.p.A. works as a System Integrator able to realize each single system, offering integrated solutions, in order to get from inter-operation systems benefits in every aspect: from the management of the systems to simplification of the maintenance with economic advantages.

In this contest Milani S.p.A. uses historical collaborations with the main international technology manufacturers, being became the reference partner for the Italian market and more.

In order to provide customised solutions for every need, Milani S.p.A. always finds the best technical solutions and it makes sure that its personnel are fully trained in the correct use of new product, providing its Clients technologies and services at the top.

Domestic and industrial electrical systems

Milani S.p.A. realizes domestic and industrial electrical systems, which are the infrastructure for bringing the energy power from the delivery point to the utilization points.

Always at the forefront, Milani S.p.A. puts great attention to technological evolution respecting safety regulations, energy saving and functionality while respecting the architectural contexts.

We realize:

Electrical system of energy producion and transformation in medium and low voltage

Milani S.p.A. designs and installs electrical generator, micro-generation and cogeneration systems that allow to self-produce electricity. It is thus possible to reduce energy costs, become partially independent from the electricity provider, and even suppliers when a surplus of energy is produced. Milani S.p.A. also installs MV/bT substations for large and medium-sized users.

Power generator system and ups

The power generator systems and UPS are necessary when there is a need of electricity supply even in absence of the primary energy source.
Milani S.p.A. installs power generator systems with engines fuelled with diesel or gas, asynchronous generators and UPS with batteries which guarantee electricity supply without any interruption. The installation of these systems respects laws and safety regulations.

Distribution, automation, control and monitoring panels

Milani S.p.A. manufactures electrical panels using high-level components and equipment, ensuring the full compliance with existing norms.
The rigor employed in the construction and installation, the respect of the functioning and maintenance criteria, 40+ years of experience, guarantee the maximum overtime reliability.

Public lighting system and urban furniture

Milani S.p.A. provides lighting systems for public areas, from streets to parking up to external areas of private buildings. In the development of these systems Milani S.p.A. guarantees the respect of safety standards, of the regional norms in terms of light pollution and the recommendations of the architectural regulations. The long experience in the sector allows Milani S.p.A. to propose solutions which are able to be in compliance at the same time with limits set by norms and aesthetic standards, even when in contrast each other.

Home automation

The housing electrical systems, whether related to apartment within big residential complexes, or inside independent villas, are constantly evolving and nowadays are no longer just a functional element but also a tool to create a human scale environment, with more and more customizable user interfaces for living the home at its best.

Home automation is the way by which the electrical system passes from being a simple home service to be an emotional part of the home environment.

We realize:

Home automation systems

Milani S.p.A. offers the possibility to its customers to have a single interlocutor for providing home automation systems. These integrate all the electrical systems (and eventually also the mechanical ones) present in the house in order to allow the user a total management of services such as lighting system, electrical load control, audio-video systems integration, security monitoring systems.

Milani S.p.A. has many years of experience in the installation of home automation systems using the most advanced integrated solutions such Konnex®, combined with the most evolved user interfaces as Savant®.

Building automation system (BMS)

Milani S.p.A. provides supervision systems by managing diverse technologies and exploiting several communication protocols.
The experience gained over the years allows to make easy also the use of complex systems, facilitating the day-by-day use of the operator and leaving at the specialists only the more complex maintenance operations.

Control systems and electrical load management

The Milani S.p.A. technical office is able to analyse electrical loads and, together with the Client, to set an electrical power load priority. By managing the newest technologies available, Milani S.p.A. installs and programs power management systems guaranteeing the proper functionality of the systems, that allows Clients to save costs on the utility connections with a proper management of the electrical loads, with automatic switch-off of the unnecessary loads in case of power peaks above the contractual power limits.

Electrical low voltage system (ELV)

The Electrical Low Voltage systems complete each electrical implant with specific functions, as active and passive safety, entertainment and control.

Milani S.p.A. operates as System Integrator for all low voltage systems, able to provide tailored solutions for single or multi-integrated systems.

The historic collaborations with the main manufacturers and the continue training of the its technical personnel allow Milani S.p.A. to be the best partner for every low voltage system solution.

We realize:

Structured cabling systems, telephone and data networks

Milani S.p.A. has been among the first companies to implement a structure dedicated to the design, installation and certification of the telephone and data systems. In order to always achieve the excellence, Milani S.p.A. maintains its personnel always aware about the best technological solutions, with continue training courses managed also with the support of producers.
The need to connect the telephone systems to the public telephone network, has led the company to get the Ministerial Authorisation of First Degree, which is imposed by the Italian Ministry of Telecommunications to companies that want provide such systems.

Intruder alarm system

The safety of the people and of the private properties represent nowadays like never an essential value, and the intruder alarm systems are the best technological defence available.

Milani S.p.A. collaborates with its Clients in order to provide the best specific solution, aligned to the real needs, easy to use, manageable with APP and Smartphones and with sustainable maintenance costs compared while guaranteeing a high reliability.

The continuous updating of its technical personnel allows Milani S.p.A. to always propose solutions aligned with the best technological solutions available on the market.

Fire detection system

The Fire Detection system, besides being a mandatory system for some type of buildings, represents an important and immediate tool for fire detection, allowing to promptly activate the security procedures and thus limiting the damage to people and properties.

Milani S.p.A. designs and realizes fire detection systems for residential houses and big complex in civil buildings, industrial facilities or data centres, where the possible damage caused by the fire could be incalculable.

All systems are engineered and implemented using the best available technologies, often integrated with the existing security systems.

Access control system

Access Control System are normally used as a tool for monitoring the access to buildings or at sensitive areas of them, besides being often integrated with the systems for the control of the timing schedule of employees.

Milani S.p.A. designs and implements integrated solutions using the newest technologies, as the RFID or NFC, always guaranteeing an high level of customization in accordance with the Client’s needs.

CCTV systems

The CCTV systems are always more often utilized not only for the monitoring of public areas by the appointed Governmental entities but also for the control of private areas and properties. The growing demand has driven the technological process which now makes available solutions with performances and technical features able to satisfy any possible user.

Milani S.p.A. has always worked side by side with the producers during the development process and it is able to design and to implement systems using different recording and storing technologies along with an high degree of integration with other safety systems.

All systems are designed and implemented in conformity with the Privacy Norms in force, and at Clients is offered a service for the assistance during the CCTV system approval from the Government Authorities.

Sound, public address and evac systems

Sound Systems are always more integrated with Public Address and EVAC Systems with the result of having a single system with the possibility of managing background music, delivering public announcements and sending emergency communications in case of emergency.
Milani S.p.A. designs and implements systems for residential environments and big public areas as shopping centers, malls, theatres, cinemas and stadiums.

TV systems

The TV systems are part of our everyday life and over the years have evolved becoming not only a devices for the passive view of images but also a tool with whom to interact.
The TV systems are today integrated into systems such as the structured cabling, the Wi-Fi networks and also the CCTV systems.

Milani S.p.A. designs and implements terrestrial and satellite TV systems for all needs, from a single apartment to Hotels, where the TV system is integrated into other systems dedicated to the guests.

Videophone and intercom systems

The intercom and videophone systems have evolved over the years and today are no longer just a means to verify the identity of people at the entrance but they are also integrated into systems such as structured cabling and CCTV.

Milani S.p.A. designs and implements audio and videophone systems both for independent solutions that for integration with other low voltage systems, in order to maximize the potential performances of these systems, on the basis of the specific needs.

multimedia systems

Multimedia systems are part of our everyday life and are used for several purposes, from simple tools for marketing promotion up to complex solutions for indoors (cinema, theatres) and outdoors (arenas , stadiums) entertainment.

The technological evolution of these systems, which are in average renewed every three months, requires a constant updating of our technicians in order to can offer always the best available products.

Milani S.p.A. designs and implements, exploiting the capability of a dedicated internal team, Audio-Video, Broadcasting, IP TV Systems using the newest technologies with the aim to offer at customers the best solutions in both terms of cost and emotional experiences.

Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic Energy

Always sensitive to environment issues, over the years we have heard the public opinion instances in relation to the environment responsibility.

Following the growing interest for the renewable sources of energy we added to our competences also the photovoltaic technology, the solution which allows to obtain electricity through sunlight. Believing in this technology we also installed a photovoltaic field in our headquarter in Osnago.

Today, we are proud to can offer solutions for any customers, from little houses to multi-megawatt fields, supporting them in each stages of the system implementation, from the design to the installation until the management of the administration procedure for obtaining incentive rates from the electricity providers.
This 360° support allows us to guarantee the highest reliability, guaranteeing energy production for the entire life of the systems installed: 20 years and even longer.


Milani S.p.A. has an internal technical office for the realizations of design at all stages (preliminary, executive, shop-drawings) always in compliance with the “Guide for defining documentation of electrical systems designs", Norms CEI 0_2.
Our Technical Directors, have the Italian qualification for signing designs as foreseen by the actual laws (Ministerial Decree No. 37/08).
Furthermore Milani S.p.A., in case of changes made at systems during the installation process, delivers all the “As Built” drawing for the future maintenances.

We realize:

Preliminary and feasibility consulting

Milani S.p.A. supports its Clients since the inception of any technological project, operating as a consultant for identifying pros and cons of diverse solutions, analysing costs and benefits, figuring out the future maintenance costs, with the sole aim to help Clients in having a clear summary of the investment for taking informed choices.

Executive design

The executive design translates a concept/idea in something clearly countable and measurable, both in term of costs than in terms of timing for the realization.
Thanks to its internal technical office and to established partnerships with external engineers, Milani S.p.A. can design any system part of its competences, respecting current regulations and following customers’ needs.

Furthermore Milani S.p.A. can deliver designs also using the BIM (Building Information Modelling) system , which is becoming the international standard for realizing complex and integrated designs.

Shop-drawing design

Milani S.p.A., thanks to its senior engineers with many years of experience in the field, is able to do in house the shop-drawings design, taking care of the site construction needs, using Clash Analysis for identifying interferences among systems, and providing all necessary details for allowing site workers to perfectly install all materials and equipment.

At this stage, the BIM 3D model is used for “seeing” on paper the whole project.

Maintenance and facility management

Milani S.p.A. provides Facility Management and maintenance services of technological systems, using a dedicated department with specialized personnel.
The growing customer request to have a single partner able to provide "Facilities Management" led to the creation an organization dedicated to the engineering and to the integrated management necessary to maintain in full efficiency not only the systems but also the buildings as a whole
On behalf of the Client, Milani S.p.A. operates guaranteeing everything the structure needs to work at its best, from extra maintenance services, to sanitation, up the waste management.

We realize:

Maintenance (electrical, mechanical, low voltage systems)

In order to guaranteeing the best performances overtime in terms of efficiency, consumptions and operating costs, each installation must be periodically verified with appropriate controls.

Milani S.p.A. offers to its customers Facility Management solutions after sales, flexible and highly customizable to ensure at the installed systems a long life cycle, while reducing operating costs due to repairs, high consumptions for low efficiency and always ensuring at the systems users the best conditions.

Cleaning and security services

Milani S.p.A. offers to its customers a Global Facility Management service, in order to allow them to have an unique interface for managing not only MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems but also additional services.
This service allows customers to have a single contract for a large range of services such as cleaning, security and safety with and increasing of the efficiency and coordination together with a cost saving arising from having less contracts to manage.