Number pavilions/rooms

Basement: technical spaces and warehouse (circa 500 sqm of surface)
Ground floor: auditorium for up to 700 people and can be configurated in 7 different rooms
Mezzanine floor: toilettes and technical rooms (circa 150 sqm of surface)
First floor: nursery school for up to 50 people (circa 500 sqm of surface)
Second floor: toilettes and technical rooms (500 sqm of surface)
Third floor: green house room for up to 130 people (570 sqm of surface)

Parking spaces

Common underground parking area (it is not covered by our scope of work)

Electrical power installed

800KW MV/LV Substation

MV/LV Substations System

2 transformers each 1250 KVA (one spare to the other)

Allow power

No. 20 ordinary and emergency energy distributions panels

Normal lighting

Ordinary and emergency lighting realized with leds lamps, controlled by DALI system, handled by BMS System

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting centralized with Led lamps (Power Supply by no.2 UPS, 100 KVA each)


Esternal lighting LPS system realized with galvanize steel and aluminium

Fire detection

Centralized system realized:
1) Central microprocessor at 10 loop;
2) No. 260 smoke detectors
3) No. 139 optical detectors
4) No. 50 optical-acustic segnalations
5) No. 52 manual call point
6) No. 30 aspirating smoke detection
7) No. 10 thermo-sensors

Access control

Access control with card reader on the main gates:
-No. 54 card readers connected to DATA LAN
-Management software installed on a PC located in reception


CCTV System with no. 63 cameras IP high resolution with management platform MM8000


EVAC and P.A. System completed of:
-Main rack
-No. 550 speakers EN54
-No. 30 subwoofers

Terrestrial/Satellite TV

-Connection with optic fiber cable from Unicredit Towers Antenna System (Terrestrial and Satellite).
-Signal Panel TV-SAT.
-Signals distribution with cat.7 cable.


BMS System Siemens Desigo for:
-Managing lighting System
-Motorization (Roof Windows, blinds and shutters)
-Technological alarms
-HVAC System
-Smoke detection system
-Intrusion detection system
-CCTV system
-Management software on server PC
-No. 2 client stations in control room

WC Emergency Call

No. 4 WC emergency call system with optic and acustic detection connected to BMS

Data Network

Data Network system with No. 730 network points realized with:
-Cable cat.7
-No.7 rack units connected in fiber optic cable;
-Prymary Panels connected with fiber optic cables to Unicredit Towers Data Network System.