The new hospital built by Emergency in Entebbe, Uganda, stands on a plot of land made available by the local government. The project was developed by Renzo Piano and his Studio RPBW in collaboration with Studio TAMassociati and the Emergency Technical Office.

The facility, specialized in the treatment of pediatric diseases, not only has 3 operating theaters, 114 beds, a blood bank, a pharmacy and a guesthouse for patient visitors, but as a center of excellence for child surgery, it offers also training for young doctors and nurses.

In full respect of the environment and local construction techniques, the building is made of terra pisé, with significant advantages on the thermal regularity of the rooms. In order to reduce the energy needs and make the hospital energy self-sufficient, the structure is equipped with a system of approximately 2,600 photovoltaic solar panels, which produce a total of 289.24 KWp.

The works were carried out in a joint venture with the company R. & C. Termoidraulica S.r.l. and concerned the entire electrical section. A site manager from Milani coordinated all on-site activities and made use of local workforce through a job training project that took place simultaneously with the start of the construction site.