Built in the early 1960s, the BNL Agriculture complex in Rome underwent a complete renovation aimed at energy redevelopment and efficiency, with the aim of achieving class A1.

The property offers great flexibility thanks to an open-plan layout and eleven elevators that allow each floor to be independent and possibly divided into two parts.

The work was carried out in a temporary group of companies: MILANI S.p.A. carried out the installation of the electrical and special systems, CARRON S.p.A. worked on the construction part and PANZERI S.p.A. installed the mechanical systems. The works, which began in August 2017, ended in December 2018.

The very extensive construction site has developed over 9 floors, of which 2 underground, 7 above ground and the roof, for a total of approximately 41,000 square meters of surface. As part of an integral redevelopment project, an impressive environmental remediation campaign was carried out which made it possible to issue the “asbestos free” certification for the building.

The construction site has been studied, in terms of construction design and work scheduling, down to the smallest detail, in order to maximize the resources deployed and reduce execution times as much as possible.