Systems Implemented

Eletrical, Safety, Security Systems :
1) Ordinary Energy Distribution;
2) Emergency Energy from Generator;
3) Emergency Energy from UPS;
4) Lighting, Sockets, Security, Building management Secondary distribution;
5) ELV Systems: Fire Detection, P.A. EVAC, Data Network, BMS.

MV/LV Substations System

System composed by an incoming MV Substation and three Secondary MV/LV Substations.

Driving Force

Provided a power supply system for :
1) production plants and HVAC units on the roof;
2) water treatment systems;
3) fire-fighting systems;
4) elevators (normal and emergency);
5) outlets derived from secondary distribution electrical panels.

Normal lighting

Lighting system handled by Konnex and DALI systems using presence detectors and brightness sensors

Emergency lighting

Mixed system with centralized CPSS for common areas and parking instead autonomous type for offices.


Lighting system with rods to protect photovoltaic system on the roof and integrations with internal LPS and SPD on electrical panels

Fire detection

Centralized system realized:
1) Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection above the ceiling
2) Smoke Detector system in the environment
3) Smoke Detector system under the floating floor
4) Dumpers closing and switch-off ventilation in case of fire detected

Access control

Only predisposition

Intrusion detection

Only predisposition


Only predisposition

Public Address

Only predisposition


Centralized system with interfacing to smoke detection system.
In case of emergency allowed to send vocal messages both in the common areas as in the offices

Terrestrial/Satellite TV

Only predisposition


Management and supervision of lighting control system, safety & security systems, HVAC,  predisposition for future systems

Home Automation

Lighting system management with presence detectors, brightness sensors.
Interfacing to HVAC

WC Emergency Call

Local emergency system and interfacing on BMS for visualizing alarms in the Control Room.

Data Network

Passive Data Network realized :
1) Primary distribution CED and Prymary Panels realized in Fiber Optic cables;
2) Secondary distribution to Workstation realized in Fiber Optic cables;
3) Switches are installed on the Workstations to finalize the terminal distribution on field with copper cat.6 cables;
4) Cabling CED and room treading area