Fully automated and operational 24 hours a day, the new M3 line of the Copenhagen metro is characterized by a circular double-tunnel layout that winds between 17 new stations and connects with the existing Danish transport network, to arrive to serve up to 130 million passengers per year.

The urban project has further improved the quality and capillarity of the Danish capital’s public transport service: driverless trains alternate at an interval of only 100 seconds and 85% of the population has to travel no more than 600 meters to access the nearest metro station. Since the 17 stations will be accessible 24/7, the lighting system was created with dimmable LED lights with a DALI system that modulates the brightness inside the station.

The automation systems, completely developed by MILANI S.p.A., control the entire operating cycle of the “skylights” (smoke evacuators) which, in the event of a fire, open and close as needed.