Starting from a request from Noyfil, relating to the need to automate and rationalize the logistic flows in the packaging department, MILANI SpA, thanks to its automation team, has fully implemented the concept for the automation of 3 packaging lines and the rationalization of logistic and information flows.

The robotic islands have been entirely designed for a very challenging application, characterized by a strong irregularity of the pieces to handle, by the need to manage multiple exceptions in the production cycle and by very high demands in terms of cycle time. A detailed study and engineering, together with the use of personnel with a very high level of experience for the development of the PLC software, have made it possible to create an application considered impossible by many.

In addition to this, a SCADA system has been introduced (1 server, 15 complete clients and 11 local clients dedicated to single areas) from which it is possible to manage the creation of work orders both for the packaging department and for the upstream departments (production and quality control), managing the big data from each department through KPIs and customized reporting. The introduction of BLE-based IoT technology has made it possible to manage and track logistic flows, providing important information for evaluating efficiency in transport operations and suggestions for optimizing the plant lay-out. This technology, unlike other more traditional ones, allows to not install any type of hardware on the ground and to manage the space in a totally free and flexible way.