MILANI S.p.A. as general contractor took care of the demolition and renovation works of the UCI Campi Bisenzio and UCI Marcon cinemas, which were thus transformed into the first two Luxe cinemas in Italy, each with 12 rooms equipped with a limited number of seats in order to offer a level of luxury comfort.

MILANI S.p.A. supervised the entire management of the contract, including building and plant engineering works, both electrical and mechanical. The intervention involved the replacement of the existing armchairs with new reclining armchairs covered in leather for greater comfort, the creation of wooden steps of adequate size to comply with the fire regulations in force, the replacement of wall and floor coverings, the laying of new flooring for all the hallways and distribution corridors to the halls, the refurbishment of the bathrooms reserved for the public and the new fitting out of the relaxation areas and of the cash desks for the purchase of tickets. In addition, it proceeded with the replacement of the audio system and screens, as well as the integration and adaptation of the electrical and special systems, of the fire-fighting systems and of the thermo-mechanical systems.

All the works were performed while keeping the film activity of the two complexes open and running, with only the temporary closure of portions of the multiplexes to allow the work to be carried out.