Starting from a request from the FS Foundation to develop a multimedia concept for the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, the automation team of MILANI S.p.A. developed the basic project and made it a reality by creating a multimedia system aimed at maximizing the visitor’s interest and emotional involvement during the visit to the museum.

The heart of the application consists of an APP for mobile devices that guides the visitor interactively inside the museum, activating additional content via IoT devices to allow the visitor to jump into the past with 360 ° virtual tours, relive the experience of traveling on historic trains and driving a littorina through an advanced driving simulator. The system provides historiographical contents and augmented reality to spread a technical-scientific culture, involving and thrilling visitors.

Meanwhile, a state-of-the-art system for monitoring equipment and visitor flows works in the background to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

The technology developed by MILANI S.p.A. has been combined with a very careful graphic and textual study, to realize the request for an immersive experience.