The “Residenza Innovazione” student residence in the Milan-Bicocca academic center integrates the major urban redevelopment interventions that have affected this area in recent years.

The building is 15 stories tall and has another 2 underground, with supporting structures in metal carpentry and “slim floor” floors. These characteristics have ensured the design of the building meets advanced criteria of eco-compatibility and energy saving, in full compliance with the landscape constraints, combining the aspects of sociality and collectivity typical of student residences while also considering any changes in future uses.

The property is divided into a functional mix of rooms for a total of 460 beds, all of which are located starting from the first floor. The ground floor and the first basement are intended for common areas, while the second basement floor is used as technical rooms.

MILANI S.p.A. participated in the works through a vertical RTI with Panzeri S.p.A., dealing with the installation of the electrical systems of the areas pertaining to the residential structure: the housing area, common areas (study areas and recreational-fitness areas) and technical rooms.